F 91 

S/H ODYSSEY. Silver plated. E-Mechanism. NO dings. !00% plating. Complete original Good Case. NO VAT.


125.00 *

F 99 

S/H YAMAHA 211S. GOOD Condition. Silver plated. E Mechanism. Serial No: 23384 Japan. Famous Model. BARGAIN PRICE.


149.00 *

F 75 

NEW BUCKLEY MODEL. Silver plated with E-mechanism & Special JAPANESE Cupra-Nickel Head Joint. Complete smart modern Case with shoulder strap. EXCLUSIVE-RECOMMENDED BUY. AVAILABLE ON RENTAL/BUY OPTION.



F 7 

NEW AQUA SOLUS CURVED & STRAIGHT HEADS. Silver plated. E-Mechanism. Quality build . Complete smart modern case with shoulder strap. IDEAL FOR YOUNGER PLAYER. Can progress to straight Head when appropriate. AVAILABLE ON RENTAL/PURCHASE SCHEME.



F 100 

NEW BUCKLEY PICCOLO. ABS Body & Silver plated key work & Head. (Yamaha Style). Complete Luxury Case. EXCEPTIONAL VALUE. See Yamaha Prices!



F 92 

S/H YAMAHA 222 OUTFIT. IMMACULATE. Looks Un Played. Serial No: 76912. Current Model. Silver plated. Complete original Case & Outer Carton. BARGAIN. NO VAT.


375.00 *

F 86 

NEW PEARL QUANTZ 505E. Silver plated with E-Mechanism. Note pointed cup arms & pinless Construction. Considered superior to Yamaha & other brands. Excellent lip plate. Complete Luxury case & overcase. Competitive Price.



F 90 

PEARL QUANTZ 525. SOLID SILVER LIP PLATE & RISER. Silver Plated Body with pointed key arms & E-Mechanism. Complete Case & Overcase. For the Advancing player producing Professional sound. By Famous Respected Manufacturer.




* Commission Sales: We can sell your unwanted instruments on a commission basis of 15% (min. fee 35)

All items marked * require CASH settlement.