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19 May 2004

Dear Roger

Enclosed, a couple of tracks as promised.  It was good to see you in Friday and hope you enjoyed the gig.  I simply love the Borgani.  Many thanks for the matching pen!

Yours ever

Arthur Themen



Dear Roger and Chris,

Thanks again for helping me choose my new Borgani.  I am absolutely thrilled by it.

I haven't been as excited by an instrument since I was a student - it's like falling in love with music all over again!


Please find enclosed 2 CD's.  Both were recorded using my old MK VII.  The Seplet I used a Link NY 7* and on the Limbic System a Lawton 7* B which I always hated!

Yours ever

Harry Fulcher


23 June 2004


Thanks for this and for contacting Allianz with the details for me. I am in saxophone heaven with this horn already! Look forward to gigging with it very soon. If you remember would be interested in details of Joe Lovano workshop.


Mark Brown


12 June 2002

I have just bought a Pearl Gold Finish Jubilee Tenor from allegro Oxford... and am Totally Knocked Out! Fantastic Horn... I will be using it on my next Album...  Looking forward to Trying The Curved.

Neil Pyzer


04 August 2006

Hey Roger,

Just a little note to say thanks for a lovely time at your shop the other day. It was really cool to hang out and talk about saxes, and much more informative than some other shops I've been to recently...


This new Borgani and I are still getting to know each other, but we're getting on really well so far. I'm looking forward to showing it off in New York next week!


All the best,

Tom Ward


31 March 2006

Dear Roger,

Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the new horns, they are behaving very well!!!

They have both played really well from the first gig and I keep thinking "when will it all go wrong".


The feed back from the other musicians has been great too, and unbelievably, a cellist in the pit band said what a lovely sound the alto made, now that is praise.


The tenor is great fun, top sound and it's just lovely. It's starting to go that sepia colour and it looks even sexier!


I hope I'm not tempting fate by singing their praises, but so far so good. Cheers.


Bill Yeomans.


P.s Love the website, I've always wanted to be slightly higher than  Brandford Marsalis and who's that Joe Lovano????


11 July 2006

Hi Roger,

I'd like to thanks very much your time the last day in Oxford, you have a nice, nice shop.


The Borgani is simple the best horn that I played and I love it.


Finally I lost the fly in Stansted but they change my ticket to the next day, no problem. I had to sleep in the airport so I get my new horn and walked to the forest near the airport and I played all the night.


I'm crazy, I know. :)


I hope to see you seen.

The best for you, take care




30 May 2003

Hi Roger

Just a short line to say that a real joy it is to play the alto you sold me a while ago.  It is, without doubt, the best saxophone I have ever played. Now I have sorted out mouthpiece reed embouchure etc. it sounds fantastic. A wonderful rich tone and great projection.


I am still paying this one off but would like to come and try the tenor in a few weeks - would you do a trade in on the Selmer 36?




Zoltan Sagi




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