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  Mystery Shopper - Oxford
  At the beginning of this year Allegro Oxford had a surprise visit from miPRO, here's what they had to say:
Allegro Oxford

ANOTHER STORE that clearly knows
how to set up a shop window.
Allegro Oxford was proving to be a
worthy saxophone specialist before I
even set foot inside.
Opening the door revealed exactly
what I was hoping for - gloriously
presented brass and woodwind
wonderful bursting with sparkling
saxes, tantalising trumpets and more.
Having ticked the appearance box,
the best was yet to come from my
interaction with the owner. A man
with evident experience and
knowledge of these instruments, his
views on saxophones and the
accompanying learning materials had
me hooked immediately.
Not only did he clearly know what
he was talking about, he seemed
genuinely keen on helping me get
the best deal and was a very likeable
character. It's not often that you
meet a salesman and after five
minutes you feel you can trust his
every word.
You can read the full article here

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Allegro do not stock "fake" & "Make Weight" models that have no pedigree or re-sale value. We are not a warehouse/shed or back bedroom Internet seller but a top proper shop where you can try models. All our advice is given with a background of vastly experienced playing careers plus day to day testing of current models from all established manufacturers.

Allegro-Oxford are based at 404 Marston Road,Oxford - click here for full contact details.

We also hold a large stock of preowned Instruments and specialise in Rare, Classic & Vintage Models: We aim to hold stocks of King, Martin, Conn, Buescher, SML, Buffet and early Selmer Models.


The largest range of accessories are held including Mouthpieces by Selmer, Otto Link, Berg Larsen, Lawton, Meyer, Bobby Dukoff, Vandoren, Java, Russeau, Yanagisawa & Yamaha. Reeds by Vandoren, Java, V16, Plasticover, Rico, Rico Royal, La Voz (Sopranino to Bass).

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